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Crafty Coders Meetings 12 & 14
Whew! It's been a while since I posted; Book Fair and Spring Break made for some scarce meeting time, but we got together in March for an unplugged session and crafted some wrist cuffs out of soda cans and duct tape! With just a couple of meetings left, we're ending our year on a bright note, shining some light with copper tape, batteries, and LED stickers. 

Crafty Coders Challenge #4
Book Fair is coming up, and you all get help out (if you want)! Today's meeting will be focused on advertising, volunteering, and planning, but if you're not able to come, no worries! Everyone can take the opportunity to complete your 4th Crafty Coder Challenge. This year's book fair theme is "Paws for Books", and I'd like to have some games that are theme-related. Open this link to submit your ideas and complete the challenge!  

Painting with our Spheros! Meeting #10
We painted with T.J. and Scout today! Using the app "Sphero Edu", our artists manipulated the Spheros to create these works of art:

Next week, I need your help planning for Book Fair! Remember, as a school club, we need to complete acts of service - so help me at the Book Fair, and you're good to go! :)

Sphero! Meeting #9
We've started playing with our Sphero Minis! Please welcome Timothy Jeffrey William the 32nd and Scout Arison Walter the 1,529th. (T.J. and Scout, for short.) 

Scout scootin' around 

T.J. scootin' around 

T.J. bowling 

Next time (Tuesday, 6 February) we'll be painting with our new friends! Check out the sample video here

Welcome, 2018! Meeting #8
We started our year with a PowerPuff/Sphero meeting. If you didn't get a chance to make a PowerPuff avatar, go to this link and follow the instructions: (works on laptops & desktops). After you make your avatar, take the quiz to determine your super power, and if you can, please email to Mrs. Goff the picture! Screenshots are fine; without the crazy background is best. Here are a few of our friends: 

With Sphero, we went over the app to download by next time (Tuesday, 23 January). I want everyone to get a chance to code Sphero to do something. Oh, and we christened the ball Timothy Jeffrey William the 32nd. (I'm calling him "TJ" for short.)

So long, 2017!
What a fun time we've had this year! In November we finished up our snowmen in Khan Academy, and we ended the semester with a little Christmas party, complete with "Jingle Bells" on the Makey Makey and upcycled bookmarks. We also took a look at some things we hope to implement next semester, including coding with Sphero and creating electronic art with Chibitronics!

Sphero Mini

Have a fantastic holiday, guys! 

Service: Thank You!
Mahalo plenty to those who helped with our Operation Christmas Child service project this year! We sent 18 boxes of goodies off to kiddos around the world. Great job, everyone!

Crafty Coder Challenge #3
Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? Christmas Break is coming up too, but first, we need to plan our last meeting for the semester: Tuesday, 5 December. It's our Christmas Party Meeting! 

While I love feeding you guys, I think it would be nice if everyone brought something to share. I will have the usual plates, napkins, and cups, along with a couple of snacks, but your challenge #3 is this: can you bring snacks to share at our Christmas Party Meeting? Click on this link to provide your answer; thank you!
Meeting #5 (Tuesday, 17 Oct. 2017)
Today we started creating our mascots! Once the papier mache dries, we can paint our bears (remember to vote on your color choice in our Challenge #2 below!)
We also worked hard on our props for the Halloween Photo Booth - the booth will be open before and after school on Tuesday, 31 October, so no club meeting that day. We already took a few practice shots; enjoy these delightful photos:

Next meeting is Tuesday, 7 November. Have a Happy Halloween!
I'll mention this at our next meeting (Tuesday, 17 October), but as a school club, we need to complete 2 services a year. In a couple weeks, we can help out at a fundraiser for Puerto Rico (they got hit by the hurricanes recently). If you're on campus Friday morning, 3 November, come join me as we collect money to send to those in need.
  • "Fishing for Puerto Rico"
  • Friday, 3 November
  • 7:00-8:00 a.m.
More details to follow. SIGN UP HERE if you can help out!
Crafty Coder Challenge #2
Hi! Every once in a while, I'll post a challenge to see who is keeping up with our club page; here we go! We're going to get our hands dirty at our next meeting (17 October) by decorating a couple of empty animal cracker containers - these plastic bears will be our mascots!
I want to papier mâché the bears before we paint them. Challenge Question # 2: What color should we paint the bears? Use the link here to submit your answer!
Meeting #4 (Tuesday, 10 October 2017)
Today we got to make our Scratch creations come to life with Makey Makey! Not sure what those are? Check out the links here to find out more:

makey makey

Last time we met, we started out using code to make interactive games in Scratch. Today, with the Makey Makey, we brought our games to life using ourselves and other objects as conductors! Check out one of our songs to see what Scratch is all about: use the space bar and arrow keys to play Hot Cross Buns (note: needs Flash; works best in Chrome)

Here we are, making sense of the Makey Makey. :)

Meeting #1 (Tuesday, 12 September, 2017)
At our first meeting, we got to know each other by playing BINGO!, and got our craft on making magnets out of old magazines. Next week, coding for sure!

Crafty Coder Challenge #1
Hi! Mrs. Goff here, with a challenge for you. I just want to see who is going to remember to check our MyPueo club page, even if I don't send an email reminder. Your first challenge is a simple one: last year, we created animals out of notecards. Scroll down this page to see what animal we made, and click on the link below to answer the challenge. Thanks for playing! 

Click here to answer the challenge.

About Crafty Coder Club Meetings
Our club this year will be doing two types of activities: crafting in real life, and coding online. We'll meet about twice a month on Tuesdays after school (check the calendar below!), and I will announce ahead of time what sort of activity we will be completing in each session. Sometimes we'll spend a whole session in real life, and sometimes we may spend the whole time on the computers. If you're only interested in attending certain sessions, that's fine. Just check MyPueo and your email for updates and notifications. I hope we have fun this year!
Club for 2017-2018
Hi! Mrs. Goff here. I am changing our club name because I want to open it up to boys, too. We'll see if this can still be our MyPueo page, with a change in title, but we need a new name! Let's come up with one together. Mrs. Goff, out.
Latest and Greatest
Wow, it's been a while since I've updated our page. We have been hard at work completing our final creations, which we will share at our last meeting of the year on Thursday, 4 May, 2017. Hopefully, your product hits the following requirements:
  • you used code to create it
  • it's something that we can share with future students
  • you had fun making it
At our meeting on Thursday, 20 April, we played with a new toy! Mrs. Goff purchased a MakeyMakey, and we spent some time playing simple songs via Scratch. (Go to to see what the heck it is.) :) Unfortunately, we can't upload videos to our page, but here is a (blurry) screenshot of Fiona using the foil wrist band to "ground" herself so she can play "The Itsy Bitsy Spider":

The MakeyMakey circuit board is connected via alligator clips to quarters, which take the place of keyboard keys. When the MakeyMakey is plugged in the computer, you can manipulate the keyboard with coins, fruit, and more!
Coding in Scratch
During our 7th club meeting this year, we logged into Scratch and coded our names with a flourish! The concepts we saw earlier in EarSketch (variables, loops, etc.) we also used in Scratch, with very cool results. Below are links to a few of the projects that were shared. Read the directions our coders included to manipulate the letters on the screen. (Scratch works best in Chrome). Enjoy!
Spelling Name (by Fiona) 
Dancing Initials (by Hadleigh)
WHOO! (by Asia)
Coding Tunes
Had great fun jamming to some tunes that our girls made in EarSketch! (If you haven't made an account, go to so your songs will be saved.) Strung together some chords, imported some songs, and created variables with "makebeat". Woohoo!

Frogs Who Code
When we learned about algorithms and programs, we followed a series of steps to create some friendly frogs!
Reshma Saujani (founder of Girls Who Code): Bravery vs. Perfection (12:39)
Girls Who Code Intro Video (3:12)
Core4 Activities
Hello GWC club members!
There are different computer science concepts to master as you code. The "Core4" are:

Loops ("repeat")
Variables ("storing information")
Conditionals ("making decisions")
Functions ("command bundles")
Linked below are some examples that demonstrate these concepts. Have fun coding!
These and other activities are available in your Canvas account. Enjoy!
Name Owner Date  
Links for Girls Who Code   Nicole Goff 10/7/2016 3:00:23 PM    
This document briefly lists the first few links you'll need to set up a GWC account and access our activities.
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