Mid-Pacific Summer School Forms

Spring Break Driver Education Registration
Due to the limited number of seats available, your registration will time out after 10 minutes. 

Make sure to use the form's command buttons, e.g. NEXT, SUBMIT.  DO NOT use buttons/arrows on your browser/iPad.

STEP 1 Class(es) Selection:
 Select one or more class(es) you wish to enroll your child for.  Click on NEXT (located on bottom right) when done.

STEP 2 Quantity and Pricing: Enter "1".  Click on NEXT when done.
STEP 3 Contact Info: You will need to enter contact information for each class. 
     Student:  Enter student name (select New Individual and enter your child's name, if you do not see your child's name listed).
     Email/address:  Enter parent/guardian information.
     Click on NEXT when done.
STEP 4 Billing:  Select Credit Card or Bill Me Later if sending in a check. 
Please keep in mind that payment must be received before classes will be confirmed.

You will receive an acknowledgement email that your registration form was received.  Didn't get an email?  If not in your SPAM, email summerschool@midpac.edu.

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Click on the following summer sports to register.

SWIM - Please contact the Swim office for registration.  Call 973-5090.

TENNIS - Jump Start
TENNIS- High Performance