7th Grade Course Descriptions
School Year 2019-2020

The 7th-grade team balances the meeting of curriculum goals and student care and development.  They are deeply committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages critical thinking, active participation, and student accountability within a developmentally appropriate environment.  Students are prepared for upper-level courses by being challenged and supported to meet the established expectations, the reinforcement of skills development and the management of activities while exposing them to relevant core content.
The goals of the 7th-grade team are to help students to become more independent, responsible, meet the challenges of increasing skills and curricular responsibilities while maintaining an atmosphere that is nurturing and conducive to learning.

Core Courses

7th Grade Language Arts (M1100)                                                                                                         Year course

Middle School is a time for exploration of different literary genres and styles of writing.  Our goal is to inspire students to develop a passion for language arts, making it accessible and fun, while preparing them for high school and beyond.

This course integrates the study of literature, composition, and language to further improve students’ skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Students will develop their reading skills through novels, drama, and poetry and their writing skills through essays, journals, narratives, and poems. Students will also examine the structure of the English language through grammar and vocabulary instruction.


Throughout Middle School, students will:

  • Write strong paragraphs
  • Organize their ideas
  • Connect with characters in novels
  • Present their understanding in ways other than writing
  • Make connections between aspects of the novel to the real world
  • Express themselves in written, spoken, artistic, and digital ways
  • Increase vocabulary development

MATHEMATICS - Students will be placed in courses according to demonstrated knowledge, experience, and ability.

Integrated Math II (M3100)                                                                                                                    Year course

Prerequisite: Department approval and Math Assessment

As an integrated math class, students will be introduced to algebraic, geometric and statistical concepts.  Additionally, students will learn the basics of linear functions, systems of equations, exponents, as well as reviewing the fundamentals covered in the Integrated Math I course. 

Integrated Math III (M3150)                                                                                                                  Year course

Prerequisite: Department approval and Math Assessment

This is an integrated math class course designed to build on the student's knowledge of algebraic, geometric and statistical concepts.  Students will extend their understanding of linear functions, systems of equations, exponents, as well as discover quadratic functions, probability, surface area, volume, and statistics. In this class, there will be a focus on maintaining a positive mindset and the belief in the value of persistence as it relates to the learning and application of Mathematics.

7th Grade Science (M4100)                                                                                                                    Year course

This is an activity-oriented course that integrates various topics in Physical Science as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students are given hands-on opportunities to explore topics in energy, forces, motion, structure, and changes in matter through innovative technology and problem-based projects.  A special emphasis is placed on developing inquiry skills through the use of the scientific process.

7th Grade Social Studies (M5100)                                                                                                          Year course

This course is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of American History from the formation of the United States to the present.  Students will explore major Social Studies themes that will help them develop an understanding of the important events in America’s past and their connectedness to the world.  The course also includes a brief study of geography and an overview of the development of United States government, and the meaning of citizenship in a democratic nation.

7th Grade Physical Education (M7100)                                                                                                  Year course
This course encourages the development of a positive attitude and lifelong habits for physical activity, health, and wellness.  Students will collaborate through group work as well as participate in competitive and non-competitive sport situations.  Students will reflect upon class experiences and demonstrate critical thinking through physical activity, games, and sport.  This class will provide a safe environment for students to learn and fine tune their motor skills.  The sports component may include, but is not limited to, the following activities: swimming, softball, ultimate frisbee, field games, volleyball, racquet sports, and lifelong fitness.

English Language Development (ELD)

Typically for international students. Students will be placed in courses according to demonstrated knowledge of English.

ELD Academic Skills (M1922)                                                                                                                  Year course
Academic skills taught in this course include: technology use, time management, teacher communication, brain research, written fluency, goal setting, grammar fluency, reading comprehension and vocabulary development.  Students will also learn effective ways to translate complex English academic research material into their first language.  Current events, politics and policy will also be addressed.

ELD Conversational English (M1923)                                                                                                     Year course
For students at Basic and Intermediate levels.  In this class, students will consistently practice listening, speaking, reading and writing for a variety of purposes.  Speaking practice will help each student achieve more accurate pronunciation, tone, and intonation.  Listening to various videos and readings will help students develop diverse vocabulary for oral and written communication.

ELD Advanced Transitional English (M1924)                                                                                         Year course
For the Advanced level. This course is specifically designed to be the last pathway to mainstream full inclusion.  The teacher will help develop consistent strength throughout the four areas of English language acquisition (listening, speaking, reading and writing).  Grammar will be fine-tuned and academic language and complex vocabulary will be introduced.  In conjunction with our readings, students will take part in intellectual discussions of real-world problems.

ELD Introduction to American Culture (M1925)                                                                                    Year course
With guidance, students new to Mid-Pacific will explore the Mid-Pacific community and Hawaiian and American culture.  Goals of this course are to help students assimilate with their fellow Mid-Pacific students as well as understand American politics and policies.  At first, we will look closely at understanding the student body, teachers, administration and alumni of Mid-Pacific.  Next, we will delve into customs, norms and the history of Hawaii as well as learn how the geography, it’s people and culture have shaped Hawaii.  Lastly, we will expand into historical elements that have shaped American politics and policies.

ELD 7th Grade Science (M4100 ELD)                                                                                                      Year course
With a modified curriculum, smaller class size and ELD teacher assistance, ELL’s (English Language Learners) participate in a mainstream activity-oriented course that integrates various topics in Physical Science as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Students are given hands-on opportunities to explore topics in energy, forces, motion, structure, and changes in matter through innovative technology and problem-based projects.  A special emphasis is placed on developing inquiry skills through the use of the scientific process.

World Languages

Japanese Exploratory (M2261) or Spanish Exploratory (M2601)                                                         Year course

These courses will provide students with hands-on experiences with language and culture introducing students to basic vocabulary, expressions, and customs. This course is not for high school credit but intended to assist students in determining the world language course they will pursue for high school graduation credit.  Mid-Pacific High School requires three years of the same language to graduate.


Digital Storytelling (M4550)                                                                                                                   Year course

Prerequisite: Approval from teacher and administration

In this project-based class, students will engage in the writing process to compose relevant, compelling narratives and publish them using modern digital media platforms.  Students will produce both creative fictional stories and real-life documentaries using various digital media.  Introduction and reinforcement of expert communication skills will be supported by a focus on the nature and function of storytelling.

Digital Media (M4640)                                                                                                                            Year course

Digital Media will provide students with the fundamental skills necessary to analyze, design, build, and utilize many of today’s technologies.  By focusing on a wide array of critical thinking skills, each day students will be immersed in projects that require them to employ a variety of innovative technologies and current industry applications.  Topics include the basics of gaming, photography/video, and Computer Aided Design.

Required: 16GB SD Card

Design Thinking (M4650)                                                                                                                        Year course

This exciting and interactive class will prepare students to develop an understanding of innovation and design thinking through the process of collaborative problem solving, visual thinking, hands-on activities, immersion and prototyping. Students will be introduced to the design thinking method, as defined by Stanford Design School.  Throughout the year, they will participate in an interactive design process with the use of technology.  This project-based class is hands-on and requires students to work as a team and collaborate with others, give presentation pitches to both students and adults in the Mid-Pacific community, and to give and receive feedback.  This course culminates with an independent student choice project which demonstrates understanding of the design thinking process.

Recommended: 16GB USB Flash drive

Performance and Visual Arts Workshops

Students choose two semester-long art disciplines: Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre, or Vocal Ensemble.

Dance Workshop (M6015)                                                                                                              Semester course

Priority given to 7th grade students. The arts and dance are unique to the Mid-Pacific experience, and this course is designed for students to explore and experience the art of dance.  Students will learn how the discipline of dance and the joy of movement can benefit their daily lives.  Students will engage in conditioning and stretching exercises, basic movement, movement improvisation, and choreography.  Students interested in year-round training, which includes ballet and contemporary dance, should enroll in the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Certificate Dance program.  This class can only be taken one semester per year.


Students are required to dress in attire that allows for movement:

  • GIRLS: Mid-Pacific t-shirts or athletic apparel top. Leggings, yoga and jogger pants or athletic-style shorts, such as basketball shorts. Shorts should cover the legs to the middle of the thighs.
  • BOYS: Mid-Pacific t-shirts or athletic apparel shirt. Athletic shorts, such as basketball shorts, that cover the legs to the middle of the thighs. Jogger pants are also acceptable.
  • GIRLS and BOYS: Attire should cover the body and allow for ease of movement. Black contemporary dance shoes are recommended but not required. The soft leather shoe should be purchased, not the "jazz sneaker" style. Students with long hair should secure their hair in a bun, braid, or ponytail.

Theatre Workshop (M6020)                                                                                                           Semester course

This course introduces the student to performance through the ensemble approach.  Students will work together as a group to increase their abilities and create their own characterizations and theatre stories.  Students will participate in warm-ups, theatre games and improvisations, as well as perform independently in self-created monologues.  Students will explore puppetry, mask making and performance, and basic stage design.  Students will be evaluated, not only for their work, but also how well they contribute to the group dynamic- one of the most important (and enjoyable) aspects of theatre.  Rehearsals and performances are done in class.  By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation for either the Theatre Workshop 8 course or the School of the Arts Theatre Certificate Program.  This class can only be taken one semester per year.

Visual Art Workshop (M6030)                                                                                                      Semester course

The students will be provided opportunities to learn art concepts, gain knowledge of the historical context of art forms, develop and hone technical skills, and gain a broad understanding and appreciation of visual art.  The first half of the semester concentrates on 2-dimensional art: drawing, painting, and printmaking.  Students will learn various techniques and experience using a variety of materials to create art.  During the second half of the semester, the students will study 3-dimensional art forms and create sculptures utilizing clay, wire, and paper.

Vocal Ensemble (M6040)                                                                                                                Semester course

This course is designed to expose students to vocal ensemble through work on scenes and songs from traditional and contemporary musical theatre literature.  Students will learn proper vocal technique and character development and they will develop an appreciation for individual expression in a situation that requires ensemble cooperation.  This course provides a solid foundation for any of the performing arts courses in the School of the Arts Theatre Certificate Programs.

Band and Orchestra Courses

If you have previous experience, please contact Mr. Lawi at jlawi@midpac.edu for a placement audition.

Beginning Orchestra (M6280)                                                                                                                Year course

Beginning Orchestra students will learn basic string and musician skills for violin, viola, cello, and bass through a combination of individual attention and class participation in order to select one instrument best suited for the student.  Students are introduced to reading, fingering and bowing skills as they learn to play simple melodies from folk and classical repertoire.  Performances will be required.  There will be a fee for renting an instrument.

Intermediate Orchestra (M6290)                                                                                                           Year course

Intermediate Orchestra is a continuation of the studies of the skills and techniques initiated in Beginning Orchestra.  Special attention will be applied to developing vibrato and studying varied bow strokes.  The repertoire will include some of the standards in the string literature in arrangements suitable for the class.  Performances are required.  There will be a fee for renting an instrument.

Beginning Band (M6320)                                                                                                                        Year course

Beginning Band is designed to introduce students to the skills needed to perform in a large instrumental music ensemble. Students will perform on a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument.  Students will learn the basic principles of playing an instrument, such as embouchure, breath control, tone production, rhythm, and note reading.  No experience required. Performances will be required.  There will be a fee for renting an instrument.

Concert Band (M6330)                                                                                                                            Year course

Concert Band is a continuation of the study of skills and techniques learned in Beginning Band.  More emphasis is placed on the development of a greater note range, tone production and technique.  More individual practice is required in order for the student to master the more difficult music that is studied in class.  A great variety of music and playing experiences is explored.  At least one year of music experience or an audition is required.  Performances will be required.  There will be a fee for renting an instrument.

Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Dance Certificate Program

The Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Dance Certificate is offered to students in grades 7 and 8 and continues into high school. Middle School Dance Certificate students fulfill middle school PE credit by taking the concurrent courses of ballet and contemporary dance.  Class placement is by audition and/or department approval.  Attendance at school and community dance concerts may be required for course credit.  Students who begin Level I in grade 8 may be required to take a summer school dance course to advance to the high school level.  School of the Arts Certificate application required. Go to https://mypueo.midpac.edu/mpsa-certificate-application to fill out an application form.  Contact School of the Arts Office at 973-5071 for more information.

Dance Certificate I: Ballet I (M6100) AND Contemporary Dance I (M6110)                                       Year courses

These courses will introduce the student to the fundamental techniques of classical ballet and contemporary dance.  These courses are designed for the student who has had very little or no previous training.

Dance Certificate II: Ballet II (M6120) AND Contemporary Dance II (M6130)                                    Year courses

These courses are a continuation of the fundamental techniques of classical ballet and contemporary dance at a beginning or intermediate level.

Dance Certificate III: Ballet III (M6140) AND Contemporary Dance III (M6150)                                Year courses

These courses are designed to challenge the intermediate/advanced dancer in classical ballet and contemporary dance.


Current students contact:
6th Grade Dean, Lisa Mah

New students contact:
7th Grade Dean, Jessica Rose